Sunday, November 16, 2008

crafty goodness part two

Holly Drage and Gray Johnson of Crimson Cat Creations. Holly makes beautiful lampwork and fused glass work. Her son Gray paints some extremely interesting paintings.

Sharma and Jane and their leather and felt creations.

And of course, a whole lot of cute baby hugging. Babies were everywhere at this craft faire.

crafty goodness

The craft faire was a success! Here is Miss Suzanne Cooper of Sexpots with her stunning display of sexy pottery.

The lovely Miss Tammy Castonguey of Rainbow Threads. She had a tent sent up and was busy stitching as people shopped.

The ever enthusiastic Misses Risa and Jada with their collection of jewelry, vessels and Christmas ornaments.

My display was two tables long, so it neede to be shot in parts.

The turquoise mugs and most of the decal bowls went right away. Sales were somewhat down from last year although still worth spending the weekend. Everyone seemed happy with the weekend. I am tired and will save my energy for another two weeks before we hit the Revelstoke craft faire.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

more pretty things

Risa's vessels.

Turquoise beauties.

Bug bowls.

Jellyfish undersea mugs.


pretty things

Special order compost jar.

Jug with my new glaze.

Saki set with red glaze and floral decal.

My favorite, undersea squid.


Sunday, November 9, 2008


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful things came out of my kiln today. I will take more photos later in the week when I am sanding and pricing.

The second 2/3rds of the ski hill order...

And the rest of them. Yay! Handles and stamping on Tuesday and then they need to dry. Glad that it is (mostly) done.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas Craft Faire

The craft faire begins this Friday at noon. I am mostly ready. I need to do one more bisque, 3 more glaze and 1 more decal firings. I will not have enough days, so some stuff will just have to be sold out of the studio or at the Revelstoke Hand Made Parade at the end of November. I will spend all of Thursday night packing and boxing up all the pieces.

My daughter's beautiful vases waiting to go in the glaze kiln. She made, glazed and decorated these herself. I am excited!

The first third of the ski hill mug order was glazed today and will go in the kiln next week. Tomorrow the other 2/3rds will be thrown and then stamped/handled on Monday or Tuesday. The studio is starting to get really chilly now and we are supposed to have snow by Thursday.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

a little music to get me through

The wonderful Winnipeg band Nathan. They are the fun alt country band that got me through my day today. I am very tired after having 6 teenage girls sleepover at my house last night. Because Halloween + unlimited sugar + teenage girls + scary movies = Mom doesn't get to sleep very much.

I finally had to stop throwing because my hands were no longer functioning through the control of my brain. I ruined two large bowls through sheer clumsiness, my hands didn't do what my brain told them to do. You know that means it is time to walk away from the wheel. I have 1 and 1/2 weeks left before the first Christmas craft faire. Mostly ready except for glazing and decal firings. I would like to try to get some more medium sized bowls thrown this week.

Mugs glazed in the lovely new red glaze that was generously recipeed (is this a word? and if so, how to spell it????) to me from Gary. Thanks Gary! I love it. These are now sanded and priced and on the shelf.

Glazing and posting were the final parts to my day. All is done now and I am going to go inside and find my book and relax in a lovely hot bath. I have the house to myself and that rarely happens. Lucky me.