Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally, part 2

A serving platter. A uterus.

Mugs with more anatomy lessons.

Porcelain lanterns with definitions of the word woman on them.

The creative work that I was busy with. Miller Joyce Kinzel. We call her Millie.


I'm glad to be back after a long studio hiatus. I was busy creating but not ceramic vessels. I got back to work recently and have finished the pots for my Woman as Vessel show.

They are all porcelain, functional vessels with laser printer decals.

The show will take place in May 2010 at an as yet to be determined gallery location.

I am very, very pleased with how these turned out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

a creative break

A lot of thought and discussion has been happening in this household. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and fairly dissatisfied with the ceramics portion of my life. After much reflection I have decided that some big changes need to occur. With this in mind I am closing my gallery until July 2009 and taking time away from teaching lessons until May 2010. I need to fix up my studio so that it is a warm and inviting place for me to be. I need to take some time away from production and focus on being creative. I need to see the sunshine more than I do these days. I will still be in the studio, but on my own terms. I think that I see grad school in my future. I live in a very isolated area and I need more challenge and stimulation in my artistic life than seems to be possible where I am. ANU, here I come (I wish! More like the Red Deer College portion, but still very cool).

My orchids love to bloom all of the time, lucky me.

Beautiful orchids growing on my kitchen window ledge.

A view into the teenagers lair.

I will still be around, just not as frequently. Wish me luck!


We were missing our coastal sushi fix so we made some at home. Yummy!

Jada made a lovely dinner for us on Sunday. Stuffed tomatoes, spinach salad, grilled chicken and rice.

Here she is measuring and mixing.

She is also our resident baker. Aren't these beautiful?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

and more...

This picture is me at 5 months. I do not like having my picture taken and this photo is evidence of HOW MUCH I LOVE MY FIRENDS AND FAMILY that I am posting it so they can see me as we all live so far apart. Also showing the limitations of photography without a flash and without a tripod.

I really do like my new job with the schools. I am finished at 4pm everyday and able to come in and spend some time cooking. I love to cook. These are compontents for the salad I made. Really simple and fresh: leaf lettuce, two small zucchini diced, minced garlic, juice of 1 lime, olive oil, salt, pepper. Tossed together and served with fettuccini alfredo. Yummy.

Sorry that this post and the last were completely unrelated to clay. I am only in the studio on Saturdays for the next little while and finding it very hard to motivate myself. I don't feel creative when it is dark. Or maybe I am just too busy creating a new person to find any other creative energy. I did get my clay order today, so starting next week I have no more excuses. I have to get my show pieces finished. Oh, and probably think about applying places to have the show...

new photos

I have been trying to take a photo a day and I am finding that I forget about it until the end of the day. I need to get in the groove of thinging photo all the time. I have managed to capture a lot of cooking times. This is potatoes getting ready to go in the fritata.

I refuse to read the manual to start. I am just going to fool around with the camera and then when I have reached the limit, I will research. I strongly dislike flash photography, so most of my photos are going to be without. I am waiting for the adaptor ring and tripod. This is a lovely chili that I haven't made in about 8 years. I have recently begun eating meat again and my kids are THRILLED. All the old, old recipes have come out again.

Spices, spices, spices, we love curry.

I did it, I finished reading War and Peace. It was completely unlike I thought it was going to be. I hadn't really learned much about it over the years, just heard passing comments about its length. It was wonderful. If you like period novels (I do), history (history major), and metaphysical and philosophical discussions about how history is viewed, then this is the book for you. It does not disappoint.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

not crappy photos

The new camera and equipment. A lot of bits, but less than with a high end manual slr.

Adorable dog who is much happier now that I am manually focussing and forgoing the flash.

Looks much less like a devil without the red eyes.

I have been busy back at work and with the regular business of living. This is the first time I have been in the studio in two weeks and I am decidedly unmotivated. I have run out of porcelain. I put in an order from my supplier and am hoping that by the time it is delivered I will feel a bit more like making things.

I have been thinking about what I am going to do with my year of maternity leave. An entire year devoted to baby, family and artistic exploration. Thoughts so far include:

100 mugs in 100 days (brilliant idea thieved from A Fine Mess).

365 days of photos. I tried this last year but was a little discouraged by my equipment. This time will be different.

Wax resist and water etching on porcelain.

Exploring a theme in nature in functional pottery and see where it takes me.

Expanding my repetoire of finishing techniques.

Playing with porcelain paper clay, specifically creating sculpture. The idea terrifies me.

Obviously with a new baby and 4 other children I will not get all of these things started. I like the idea of having a lot of options though.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

the family that spends together...

We went to Calgary yesterday. 7am departure time. That is very early for these girls...

This was taken at 7pm when we realized that the car battery had died and we were going to have to wait for a jump. Thankfully, we found a restaurant in the mall that wasn't atrocious and had a pretty good dinner.

This was my purchase that made it all worthwhile. Yep, from here on out any crappy photos will be the fault of the photographer.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 things that make me happy

kyle Houser over at homefry sketchbook was talking about the top ten things that make him happy. I like the idea, thinking about happy things is good. So here are my top 10 in no particular order:

#1 - My family. My whole entire giant family. My mom and dad and sister and brother-in-law and neice and nephew. All my aunties and uncles and cousins (I have a lot), my grandmas. My parents-in-law, my husband, my daughters, my step-daughters and my new growing baby.

#2 - My friends. Far away and close, you know who you are. You make me happy, thank you.

#3 - Noodle kugel. Yup, right now that is making me happy. Leftover noodle kugel for breakfast with a hot cup of green tea when everyone else is still sleeping and I have the house to myself is a very good thing.

#4 - My down duvet. I strongly dislike winter, cold is not my friend. I looooove my down duvet because it is cozy and warm.

#5 - Taz. Something about a small, furry creature that just makes you smile. Unconditional love. You don't get that from anyone else.

#6 - The Henry Mancini CD that we found at a garage sale this fall. Groovy 1960's bossanova music that makes me feel like I should be glamourously dressed and drinking a martini. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. That's who I am when Henry Mancini is playing.

#7 - My studio. I have my own space. A space big enough to teach in and to throw all the pots I want. It is all mine, I can decorate it or leave it a mess and do whatever I want. My space.

#8 - My growth as a ceramic artist. I feel like I have come a great distance down the path I have wanted to travel toward my artistic goals. Gallery sales are up, studio sales are up, waitlists for my classes, custom orders are up (argggggg), KHMR orders are up.

#9 - My new cordless phone. You have to understand that we have had a rotary dial phone attached to the wall for the last 3 years. Now, no more running from one end of the house to the other to answer the phone. Excellent Christmas present.

#10 - Lynda Barry and her book 100 Demons. Inspirational. Read it, do it.

things I did over the holidays

Put new tile in the bathroom. Now of course we need to do the kitchen and laundry room because the bathroom looks so damn good.

Took a small dog for walks in his ridiculous cold weather clothing which he is completely embarrassed by.

Built gingerbread houses with children.

Had a New Year's Eve party and played a lot of games. Old school games like the original version of Trivial Pursuit.

Ate a lot of yummy holiday treats and got rounder, but I am blaming that all on the baby.