Saturday, January 17, 2009

new photos

I have been trying to take a photo a day and I am finding that I forget about it until the end of the day. I need to get in the groove of thinging photo all the time. I have managed to capture a lot of cooking times. This is potatoes getting ready to go in the fritata.

I refuse to read the manual to start. I am just going to fool around with the camera and then when I have reached the limit, I will research. I strongly dislike flash photography, so most of my photos are going to be without. I am waiting for the adaptor ring and tripod. This is a lovely chili that I haven't made in about 8 years. I have recently begun eating meat again and my kids are THRILLED. All the old, old recipes have come out again.

Spices, spices, spices, we love curry.

I did it, I finished reading War and Peace. It was completely unlike I thought it was going to be. I hadn't really learned much about it over the years, just heard passing comments about its length. It was wonderful. If you like period novels (I do), history (history major), and metaphysical and philosophical discussions about how history is viewed, then this is the book for you. It does not disappoint.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

look at all that lush food!

Allison said...

There is something very reassuring somehow about a photo of a book beside a coffee cup.

t.hudson said...

Cheryl, was that a copy from the library!! You've got some overdue charges to pay. If it is yours. I have been avoiding this novel like the plague over the years and am feeling I need a reading challenge, and a shift in my routine. If its yours might I borrow it?

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

From the library Mr. Hudson.