Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 things that make me happy

kyle Houser over at homefry sketchbook was talking about the top ten things that make him happy. I like the idea, thinking about happy things is good. So here are my top 10 in no particular order:

#1 - My family. My whole entire giant family. My mom and dad and sister and brother-in-law and neice and nephew. All my aunties and uncles and cousins (I have a lot), my grandmas. My parents-in-law, my husband, my daughters, my step-daughters and my new growing baby.

#2 - My friends. Far away and close, you know who you are. You make me happy, thank you.

#3 - Noodle kugel. Yup, right now that is making me happy. Leftover noodle kugel for breakfast with a hot cup of green tea when everyone else is still sleeping and I have the house to myself is a very good thing.

#4 - My down duvet. I strongly dislike winter, cold is not my friend. I looooove my down duvet because it is cozy and warm.

#5 - Taz. Something about a small, furry creature that just makes you smile. Unconditional love. You don't get that from anyone else.

#6 - The Henry Mancini CD that we found at a garage sale this fall. Groovy 1960's bossanova music that makes me feel like I should be glamourously dressed and drinking a martini. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. That's who I am when Henry Mancini is playing.

#7 - My studio. I have my own space. A space big enough to teach in and to throw all the pots I want. It is all mine, I can decorate it or leave it a mess and do whatever I want. My space.

#8 - My growth as a ceramic artist. I feel like I have come a great distance down the path I have wanted to travel toward my artistic goals. Gallery sales are up, studio sales are up, waitlists for my classes, custom orders are up (argggggg), KHMR orders are up.

#9 - My new cordless phone. You have to understand that we have had a rotary dial phone attached to the wall for the last 3 years. Now, no more running from one end of the house to the other to answer the phone. Excellent Christmas present.

#10 - Lynda Barry and her book 100 Demons. Inspirational. Read it, do it.


Damon said...

I just followed your comment from Shannon's blog.

(Funny combination of anonymity, association and intimacy, this blog business.)

And, to my surprise, I find you lauding cold lokshen kugel - precisely what I just ate.


WildMagnolia said...

Good idea. It's going to take me a while to put my list together. (I'm going to try not and make most of them food related).

mel said...

thanks for this! i had to make my own list and found it very therapeutic :)

t.hudson said...

I particularly agree with #3.

Ohhhhh, so good.

I think I will do my top 10 as well.

samiya said...

pretty good.. i love the fact that ur lost revolve around more things that move spirit rather thn monetary.. :) truly these are the ones that really really actually count