Friday, July 20, 2007

The details

Yesterday I made a detailed list of all the things I need to purchase and all the things I need to do before I open the gallery doors on November 2nd. Pretty overwhelming, only 3 1/2 short months during which I work full-time to get it all ready. So being the highly organized woman that I am, I made a chart and filled the calendar. Now each week I have a list of things that must get completed. Last night was business cards. Gin and tonic in hand, Matt and I created a lovely card on the Vista Print website, we proofread it about 6 million times and all looked great. I signed off and sent it off into the ether. About 30 seconds later I thought...hmmm when I registered for my domain I wanted .com, did I get it, or did I get .ca. SHIT! I checked and guess what? .ca. this point you just have to laugh. 1000 business cards on their way with the wrong domain address. I am sure there will be more mistakes to come, I'll keep you posted.

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