Wednesday, November 21, 2007

still really busy

I took some jewelry photos and have put them at my Etsy site. Check it out.
Here are some teaser photos. The pieces look great!

I have this habit of recounting my day and life in the most intimate detail to all who ask me "how was your day?" "What did you do today?" I think I must have been the dream child for my parents. When I used to ask my girls what they did at school, I was always told, "nothing". That has changed as grade 7 and the workload involved is kicking our butts. I now know very well exactly what they did at school because I help them finish it at home every night. You know, after music practice and chores and driving to lessons and picking them up from volleyball. They are very involved kids. Back to me though, I really had no idea that I did this until one of my friends in high school recounted jokingly how torturous it was for everyone when they called me to have to listen to all the little details of my day to day. I was horrified but now at 38 I can take it all in stride. I have decided that I am just like my mother, which I think is great! Her letters (now emails) are filled with the little details of her day. I find that when I read blogs, the ones I really enjoy (posie gets cosy) are completely about the mundane details of everyday life. So here at this blog, you get mundane details of my life. Perhaps it will keep those who phone me safe as I will no longer have this need to relate every second of my day.
I am going to try to post each day about what I have done, if for no other reason that to review down the road what the 1st year of business was really like.
Today I made coffee mugs. This is the ski hill order that was placed a few weeks ago and has taken a very back seat to the Craft Faire. Now that the Faire is over and the opening is organized I can concentrate on the mugs. They should be ready by Dec 5th or so. I want to dry them very slowly as I have had a lot of handles popping off in my new space. Tonight, more lessons, next week is the last week and my students will be glazing. They are VERY EXCITED!

close up of coffee mugs

Many mugs in my portable greenhouse turned into damp cupboard (I am nothing if not inventive).

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