Tuesday, November 6, 2007

where did i leave my hammer?

This piece (one of 8) is called 'Lava' otherwise known as 'wasteoftimemoneyandkilnspace'

I think as I age I find the ability to be calm in situations that irk me to be much easier. Really, you just get to this place where you remain philisophical about it all. I could rant and rave, I could cry, I could smash things with a hammer (which I will be doing gleefully when I finish posting this), I could panic as the craft faire is next weekend. However, other than the smashing part I am doing none of those things. I am going to sand the bottom of the pots that worked, wedge some clay up and make some more cups. Really, what else can you do?

pretty and turquoise

temoku and celedon

more pretty and turquoise

blue and white for the blue and white type people (you know, they always ask - do you have any in blue?)


Kirsten said...

Oh so very pretty. You have been prolific!
I hope the Lava works out...I love the colour.

(P.S. Got your lovely invite to your studio on December 1st...who's knows? Isaac will be with his dad again that weekend - and if the weather is good for driving? Maybe I can come down...)

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

I would LOVE it if you came down. However, it isn't like a show opening as I will have regular gallery hours. My desparate hope is that at least a few people come by to check it out so I don't feel like a total loser. I put an ad in the Force and I will put one in the Star. It was mentioned in the happenings section in the Kootenay Carnival so I am getting good press. I have some ideas for how to get the Lava fixed... I opened my kiln tonight to some gorgeous turquoise and white bowls that I really love and some kind of nasty(to me)looking blue and white. But I am always surprised about what other people like. It would be great to have you with Holly and I at the opening, we will need someone to help us drink the wine...

Pascal said...

Hello Cheryl, Your work is stunning, I can’t wait to come to visit you and all the family. Cheers :)

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

Thank you Pascal, I hope we get to see you guys before the summer. Have a great move!