Saturday, December 13, 2008

new pots and new stamps

I opened the last kiln load before Christmas today and was very happy with the results. Here are the porcelain vases with the plant decals in matte copper.

Porcelain plant vases in Gary Cranberry (what a nice ring).

Large bowl (16 inch) in matte copper. I have a plant series going now. I have however run out of decals. This is a good thing as I need to start working on my show that is coming up. No production decals means that I shoud focus my energy on creating forms and text for May.

Squidly the bowl.

Some lovely new stamps from my friend Vanessa. Who knew that befriending a scrapbooker would have such great results? (Just kidding Vanessa, scrapbooking is totally cool, I mean it...really). I just mock it because I am no good at it.


Patricia Griffin said...

How fun to open the kiln to such treasures. These look awesome!!!

shannon said...

Those decal beakers look wonderful. I love the copper red.