Saturday, December 6, 2008

winter wonderland (aka - no one can make it to Calgary)

The snow has been falling for two days steady now. It is beautiful and deep and means that a lot of people will be town doing their Christmas shopping this weekend...

I finally have something with a dragonfly on it. I get a lot of requests and had yet to find the perfect image. This one is it!

Spring flower decal mugs. I sold a lot of decalled ware at the last two craft faires. I am going to spend tomorrow scanning and printing new images.

The shelves are full but with no back up pieces. My best hope is that I will sell it all in the next month and can then get started working on my upcoming show and a new body of studio work.
Waiting for decals and then waiting for a place in the kiln.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I love living here even though it is the snow belt under Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, but snow and winter kinda challenge the nerves...
I am sitting here looking at the fine dragonfly work and calculating how you may have done this---a rubber stamp perhaps? Will you share a secret?

WildMagnolia said...

Luuuvvvv the Dragonfly plates!!!

Wow. It's been years since I've seen snow in person. Anyhoo, when are these making an appearance in Etsy?

michele d.

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Hi Gary and Michele,

Yes, the snow is wonderful and challenging all at the same time.

The dragonfly is made with a stamp that an artist on Vancouver Island made.

The plates will not be going in Etsy until January (if they dont' sell beforehand). They are $80 for the set (1 large, 4 small).

How are Christmas sales going for you?

Linda Starr said...

That's a beautiful snowy wonderland. Love your new dragonfly, good luck with your sales.