Thursday, October 4, 2007

I LOVE FROST! (porcelain)

Many months ago (maybe even a year) I had purchased two boxes of Laguna's Frost cone 6 porcelain. I fire to cone 6 and have used porcelaneous stonewares and a porcelain clay body for many years. I wanted to try something that would be very translucent, something I had been told that Frost was. Then after purchasing the clay, I spoke with many people, ALL of whom told me that Frost was horrible to work with. It was hard to throw, it cracked, it didn't like attachments...etc.. So I was was afraid of my new clay. Today I decided that really it is only clay and how bad can it be? So far, not bad at all. It is beautiful and white and creamy textured. I love it. It was not difficult to throw relatively small uniform, thin-walled vessels. I am not pushing my luck with trying attachments yet. The vessels I threw this afternoon have been stamped with my dragonfly and if all goes well, will become beautiful luminous candle lanterns. I will post photos IF they survive drying without cracking and IF they survive the firing and IF they are as translucent as they are supposed to be. I am very excited.

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Willstonebreaker said...

i would love to see these pictures if you maybe still have them, you can find me at