Wednesday, October 24, 2007

random bits

I have been busy lately trying to get the studio ready for the opening as well as actually create pots. I fired a bisque load last night with a huge sigh of relief. Once the cycle is going it feels pretty good, throw, clean-up, bisque, wax, glaze, fire, decals on, fire, start process over again. I am very excited about what is going to be coming out of my studio. So in lieu of actual finished pots, here are other photos. The one above is of the lovely hand-built teapot by Katrina Chaytor. I apologize for the colours in the photo, it really is much more vibrant and beautiful but with the combination of dull, rainy weather and not using a flash, this is what I got.

Risa wanted me to take a photo of the water jug that I made just for her. She loves it and always remembers to put it on the table as I often forget.

This is the plate that Matt and I collaborated on. My form and decal making skills, his woodblock print from his drawing. It won an award. Again poor photography.

Seems to be a run on bad lighting today. Here is the studio wall all dolled up in turquoise, or rather, Island Fantasy as it is called by the paint company.

Here is a much more accurate representation of the colour of the wall. These shelves are used in the gallery and then schlepped to the craft faire to do double duty as display stands. Space is at a premium in my little studio. I actually really enjoy having limitations put upon me, I seem to find a way to function at my best then. Small space = really organized clean looking space.

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