Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Turquoise and white tea lights, absolutely translucent and VERY BEAUTIFUL!

The lovely jewelry of the lovely Holly Drage.

My shelves are full, which is good because I am sending some stuff away with Sue for her friend to sell in her shop in Rossland.

More stuff with the greatest turquoise wall to make it pop out.

I love the simple symmetry of this photo.

We are off in the morning, somehow filling the van with 4 children, 2 adults, 1 small dog with a big personality and way too many presents. The Coast should be wonderful and relaxing with some of my huge family (22 people I believe) being in attendance for Christmas dinner. I plan to play with children, walk the dog, watch movies and visit with my parents. Oh, and drink lots of wine and eat lots of yummy things. I think decorating the tree and the gingerbread houses that my mother baked are first up. We are all very excited and all really needing the vacation. I will leave you with a promise to post during the next week as I will be bringing my laptop with me. Merry Christmas everyone!

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