Wednesday, December 5, 2007

new clay

I have no classes running this month so I feel like I have a lot of extra studio time on my hands. I also have the opportunity to use a red clay because I don't have to worry about contaminating anything else. These are sushi plates or side plates. The photo doesn't do justice to the deep rich iron red of the clay. I am going to use a fat white glaze on them with a lot of the clay body showing. I plan to do some drawing on them as well. I am very excited.

Little bowls in the same clay, to be trimmed tomorrow night after I come back from taking Taz to be (shhhhh) neutered. He got new stuffy toys from the thrift store today so he is quite happy about it all.

The ski hill mug order, the rest of a wedding shower order, and porcelain Christmas ornaments all glazed and waiting in line to be fired.


Kirsten said...

you are one busy beaver!
i miss you!

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

I miss you too! I am still thinking that I will be coming for a visit in February (weather permitting). It is cold here this morning, how about in your parts?

Kirsten said...

It felt balmy today at only -11...the sun was shining and I went for a walk at lunch and I was so happy not to feel the bone-numbing cold.
Tomorrow night is Schmoozy...Allison warns me that there is a LOT of great art this year plus I'm in big trouble.

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

Have a scotch or two taste for me and buy some more fabulous art. You need some stuff on your ceiling now...
missing you