Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a fun day in the studio

A very busy and fun day in the studio. My friend and her mother came to spend the day playing. A LOT of work was made and we were all very tired by the end.

Jewelry bits glazed and waiting for the kiln.

I haven't written a lot lately although I have had a lot of ceramics things happening. I feel like I need to force myself to take the time to write about what is going on rather than just posting photos.

So things I have been thinking and doing lately:

-reflecting on my own ceramics practice and beginning work on heading in a new direction. Some of this new direction will be seen in the work that will be out on the 12th/13th for the open house.
-planning on some new items that will be specifically marketed on my Etsy site. Dates booked etc for photographing the new work and a day set aside to update my online shop.
-doing interviews and putting ads in papers, magazines and around town advertising my open house as well as my classes.
-researching different options for ceramic residencies and masters programs.

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