Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i've been rated

I have had a very tiring week, doing an awful lot of lying around and reading books. I am on doctors orders to rest for two weeks (I have survived week one) and to not lift anything over 10 pounds for another 4 weeks. This has thrown a bit of a cog into the smoothly flowing wheels of my studio practice. I am not good at lying around and doing nothing, it makes me crabby. Save all of your feelings of sympathy for my poor family who has to live with cranky, do-nothing woman. I have had some rays of sunshine however, many lovely positive comments on some of my past posts from people whom I do not actually know nor am I related to, and my blog was rated by Thank you all you kind responders, definitely including the people that I actually know and am related to!

I have not been in the studio and therefore don't have any studio shots to show you. I have been thinking a lot about studio practice and spending some of my time planning for some new work. I have also been reading a lot of fabulous blogs. I can spend hours following links from blog to blog. So I want to say thank you to all of those wonderful bloggers. Thank you for sharing all that you do and all that you want to say. I am also spending some time wondering why people started blogging and how it has evolved for them. I started to record my thoughts and experiences in starting a pottery studio, it has morphed into more. It has connected me with a community of artists and potters that has been incredibly supportive and interesting. So I am wondering, if you blog, why did you start? Why do you continue?


design for mankind. said...

Aww, I like this post. :)

I guess I keep blogging for my readers--- they encourage me to keep on sharing the inspiration!!!

Erin said...

I started a blog this year because I am graduating from undergrad and I felt a website would be necessary. I'm not sure where to begin with a website though and I thought I would more easily start up a blog than a full website. I continue to blog because it helps me think through my work and ideas, and I want to connect with other artists and inform the general public.

I just found your blog through this post: