Friday, April 4, 2008

my daily

I have become addicted/inspired by a new blog called Design For Mankind, although on my first reading I was thrown off by the comment "I'm not a feminist, but this is good" sort of thing. Shocked me and I find that now I only read "the Dalies" section as it is interesting and devoid of non-feminist thought. It get's me to thinking about my days and what I do. So the following post is not a "I'm so much busier than you are post", it is just an outline of one of my days. Now that I am self-employed, I don't have a lot of typical days. They similar enough though:

6:30am - wake-up and wiggle, my dog notices the wiggling and come up for a cuddle. Cuddle Taz for about 30 minutes and then up and trying to rouse the sleepy man beside me. Matt does not like mornings. Head to the kitchen and make some ginger tea. Head to computer and read my favorite blogs as well as and the tyee so I know what is going on in the world.

7:30am - get ready for the day, which usually involves several changes of clothes if I am working in both the studio and outside world.

8:00am - make some oatmeal with raisins (Matt has a bizarre hate for raisins and so I must hide them in the pantry and cook them when he is not around). Help Matt and his girls find all the things they need for school and send them off on their bikes. Back to the computer with my breakfast to continue with the morning reading and often posting on my own blog.

9:00am - intead of heading to yoga with my friend Dahlia, I start my walk/poster campaign across town. I am having an open house next weekend and I have lovely posters that need putting up all over town announcing this event. While on this walk I will also send off some mail to the Tourism BC people so that they can assess my brochure and I can get a highway artisan sign. Hopefully, there will be fun mail waiting for me.

9:30am - gather all the things I need for my morning and head out to the studio (which thankfully is attached to my house). Open up the damp cupboard and turn on the space heater to try to dry some work that should be in the bisque kiln by tomorrow. Finish unloading the glaze kiln load from yesterday (you know you are either tired or disappointed when you can't be motivated to finish unloading a glaze firing as soon as it is cool enough to touch with gloves).

11:00am - back home and back to the studio to check on the progress of the drying pieces, sand the bottoms of the new pots and start pricing and boxing.

12:45pm - inside the house for some lunch which consists of dahl and rice today. Reading a book for book club called The Golden Spruce, not loving it.

1:15pm - walk to the stylists to get my hair done, we have some bad hair happening right now.

3:30pm - finish at stylists and walk to medical clinic for appointment and to meet my daughters.

4:30pm - quick walk home to change and then off to my friend Suzanne's ceramic show House Music. A very successful show which is no surprise as Suzanne is a very fabulous artist.

7:00pm - encourage children to get ready for bed and read stories to my (soon to be) stepdaughters as Matt is currently spending his free time ripping a house apart.

8:30pm - back to the computer to check email and add photos to this post.

9:00pm - bath and reading of my new Bust magazine.
10.00pm - bed and asleep very quickly.

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design for mankind. said...

Wow! You have such a fantastic daily!!! I'm so sorry my non-feminist comment was interpreted in such a way--- I do hope you can accept my forgiveness! I believe women have EVERY RIGHT to equal opportunities in this world and agree that it is our responsibility to set this standard. If that makes me a feminist, then sign me up! :)

Love to you, dear.