Monday, September 8, 2008

high school, pottery classes and the last farmers market

Here they are, 13 years old and in grade 8 now. High school used to seem so far away.

I started teaching again this week. I have spread my classes out over the course of the week rather than trying to cram them all in one day. It seems to be easier so far.

Here is my display from the last farmers market of the year. I put my new fish plates out and they were very well received. I like it when what I like, others like as well.

A closer view of the new ware on display.

My one and only squid bowl. I love it, I took it off the table about 5 minutes after this photo was taken. I can't sell it.


Patricia Griffin said...

Save that squid bowl to enter in a competition! It's so very cool.

gary rith said...

OOOOOOOOOOH! What a gorgeous display of pots!
My teaching just started too. Man, I love it, you get all this creative energy bounced back at you, right?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous fantasy fish floating in food.

Love `em!


Linda Starr said...

Oh my goodness, your squid bowl is to die for. I agree with Patricia the bowl should be entered into a show. (Since you're keeping it) I want to blow the photo up and put it on the wall of my studio - just so I can gaze at it - all those colors in the bowl look great together. Love your display with the grass mats and the acrylic pedestals.

Are those your twin daughters? They are so beautiful.

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Hi and thank you for all the comments and support! It makes me warm and fuzzy feeling on this very cold and rainy day.

Patricia - I do try to set aside the things that I am really proud of. Sort of a portfolio collection for the day that I need to enter a competition or apply for grad school. You know, in 10 years when my girls are done university and I can afford to send myself...

Gary - I do love teaching (used to be an elementary school teacher). The students are always so excited and have great ideas and new ways of looking at things.

Heather - k(c)ind, courteous, crazy comments, c,c,c

Linda - Those are my beautiful twin daughters. 13 years old and in grade 8. I hope we all survive...

Candace said...

I agree,keep that baby and enter her in comps. What a fabulosa piece of work! A true signature of your evolving style. So glad I found this site. And through you, Patricia's, Gary's, etc etc...

Those girls are great and I bet they love mom's hair -- or not! LOL.