Monday, September 1, 2008

a weekend of work

The Tattoo show was fabulous. Lots of great ideas for next year. The food however, left a lot to be desired. This is what we had for dinner.

This is the greatest baby toy ever that was HANDMADE and given to the greatest baby ever. I am thinking that these should be sold on etsy (toys, not babies).

This is my turquoise matte glaze on some new tumblers. I have thinned it down to try to solve the running problems and have encountered new pinholing problems.

Decals applied, these are now in the kiln. Detailed photos tomorrow after they have cooled down.


Pauline said...

Cheryl, the fish decals on your pottery are gorgeous!!!

gary rith said...

Hey, you're back and working! These are some fantastic pots here, totally loveable and wonderful!