Monday, January 14, 2008

apparently I am an aquarium enthusiast, who needed the bathroom reno?

Shiny and new happy fish environment.

Lonely, sad tetra needing friends and a new home.

What I actually did in my studio today. The tea lights have been flying off the shelves and I am restocking. Plans afoot to make vases and add decals to both styles.

My girls were given a pair of fish for Christmas. I was consulted first and in a weak moment (or perhaps I am an enthusiast), I said sure. Well...the fish didn't look happy in the small plastic aquarium they came in and they looked lonely. We researched and found that they (tetras) are community fish and like to swim in schools of 6 or more. This led us to the purchase of a new 10 gallon tank with all the trimmings ($130). I got this all home, set it up and learned more about tetras. Back to the shop to purchase more plants for them to hide in as well as a bubble maker for the snail ($50). Truth be told, the snail is my motivation (more on that later). Day two, the water temperature is only 20 degrees C and the tetras like it around 25 degrees C, so this sent me back to the shop for an aquarium heater, while I was there I also picked up some snail food ($25). We couldn't move the tetras from the old tank to their new home until the tank has cycled for 2 days, then a slow introduction of their new friends over a period of a few days. Sadly we found one of the two tetras floating sideways at the top of the tank Saturday night. Now the remaining fish (Sushi) looks very, very lonely. Tomorrow he/she can move into his/her new home with a new friend, a very cool snail I have already named Sally. My friend Dana (of the amazing knitting and no sleeping) introduced me to her snail (Slimey) a few days ago. Slimey is the coolest thing ever! I will be posting many photos of Sally and the other aquarium inhabitants as I find that I am really enjoying this whole experience (minus the fish death, which makes me feel neglectful and sad). Tomorrow we head to the store to purchase the snail ($5), Wednesday will be about 3 more tetras ($6) and Thursday will be the final 4 tetras. ($8) as well as all the bits needed to keep the water perfect ($30). We should have a very happy aquatic environment containing 8 fish and one incredibly cool snail. Considering the cost of all of this, I am going to forgo my bathroom renovation, I didn't really need new tiles and fixtures anyway. Aquariums are supposed to be very peaceful, relaxing and great stress reducers. Did I mention that the snail crawls around and explores the environment? It searches out the bubbles so that it can fill its shell and go for a ride? How cool is that?

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