Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Help, I have been kidnapped by the procrastination faeries!


I have been using my modified studio hours and have done a (mostly) good job of being in the studio when I am supposed to. This has worked well as I have had customers. However I am having a really hard time getting onto that pottery wheel. I have my excuses, it is really cold in my studio right now, my hands are stiff and aren't working well, I have a wedding to plan, etc., etc.. So far today instead of making little jewel porcelain teapots as intended I have:

1. Ordered a bunch of free supplies from vistaprint (I LOVE that company) - fridge magnets, fridge magnet calendars, business cards, postcards, address stamp, sticky notes and a t-shirt. All free. I just had to pay for shipping and one photo upload, a very, very good deal. They always seem to send me these too-good-to-be-true offers right around the time I need more things (business cards as well as postcards to publicize my NEW WORK showing at my gallery April 12th and 13th). Seriously, all of that stuff for $20, right to my post box.

2. Thought endlessly about what will be comprising my NEW WORK collection that I will be showcasing in the aformentioned gallery showing. I am truly excited and inspired about this, think beautiful, shiny, porcelain jewel-like vessels. Of course this still hasn't inspired my butt to sit at my wheel.

3. Checked facebook and my email obsessively in case I have heard back from my friend Heidi regarding her new job, or Suzanne from the Kingfisher Resort and Spa where Matthew and I will be getting married in August.

4. Read all of the blogs that I enjoy so much. Reflected a great deal on natural light and photography. Decided that I really want a Pentax digital SLR that will fit all of my old pentax lenses. Decided that I can't justify the expense and must try harder to take good photos with the digital camera I have.

5. Gone to the pet shop to see if they have any neon tetras in stock now. Our aquarium is doing well as are all of the inhabitants. They seem to have formed little attachments (schools I suppose) except the neon who just looks sad and little and lonely. I am going to purchase 3 little friends for him as soon as more are in stock.

6. Cleaned up all of my greenware so that it is ready for the bisque firing that will occur later this week.

7. Set out all of the bits that I need to do the handbuilding I plan to work on tomorrow while my students are working on their projects.

All worthy of my time, none of them what I am really supposed to be doing today. My calendar very distinctly says that I will be throwing porcelain teapots today. Hmmmm...

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