Tuesday, January 29, 2008

etsy makes me smile

Turquoise bag by bespokeboutique

I made some resolutions at the start of the new year and they all seem to be going pretty well. However, I really like fashion and design and I find that this does not fit well with the 'buy no stuff' aspect of my new world view. So how do I fill this void you ask? I read an awful lot of fashion and design blogs, much more current and much less involved with the huge advertisers than magazines and hey, no paper! But that doesn't always do it. I go to the thrift stores weekly and find an awful lot, if not most of my clothing there (thanks Mom for teaching me to sew oh so long ago). And finally, when I want something new that I can't find thrifting or make to my stringent standards, I head to Etsy. If you are going to buy, buy hand-made. These are artists who use their ingenuity and creativity to make unique items by hand. You buy something from Etsy and you are helping an artist, supporting the artistic community as a whole, and being a unique individual. I decided that I wanted a new bag for spring. I have a beautiful giant red bag that my mom bought for me that is a great winter bag, I have about 20 other bags that serve various purposes through the season, but I don't have a big turquoise bag for spring/summer. Exactly what I found on Etsy this morning. I haven't ordered it yet, but I am hopeful that if it sells I can still have another one made for me. Etsy warms my heart as well. I have an etsy shop, people can select you as a favorite, you can see who likes your stuff, it makes me feel good. Etsy is the greatest! Go there, look around, enjoy yourself.

Off to make porcelain teapots.

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Mrs. G. said...

I love etsy!!! I did almost all my Christmas shopping there. I, too, am an avid thrifter.