Sunday, February 17, 2008

and now for something completely different (and about my hair)

This is the hairstyle I am aiming for. I already have the super-straight, super thick part naturally. My friend Samena helps with the change from mouse brown to chocolate brown and my job is to just wait around and let it grow. This is not a job that comes easily to me. I figure I am about 6 months away from this length. We shall see (*note to friends, no laughing and no waging bets to see if I actually go for 6 months without radically changing my hair). I like the way this style looks, not in my eyes, no need for any 'doing' in the morning, very simple, very chic.

This bag is being posted again because someone I know looked into it and told me that it was sold, but me being the intrepid bag desirer that I am found another one that is not sold. So there you go. My birthday is in May, the beginning of May.

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