Sunday, February 24, 2008

renovation sunday

We have 6 bags of this stuff to get rid of now. Thankfully garbage day is Wednesday although I think we may have to just slowly distribute it as we are only allowed two cans per week.

We are renovating the bathroom, slowly. It started last year with a new wooden countertop and mirror frame that Matt made. Now due to the fact that the old tile in the shower/tub is falling off of the wall we are putting in new tile. We don't really have the money for this, but we can't really afford a rotting house either. So white subway tile it is - yay Visa! I refuse to part with the matching turquoise tub/toilet/sink so that saves a lot of money.

Matt's tools all laid out and ready to go. He is an incredibly handy man. He can figure out and fix all electrical, plumbing and carpentry issues. It is messy and takes a long time, but eventually it is done.

Because the faucet fixtures have to go in at the same time as the new tile we purchased the shower set that we liked. Sort of a cross between the rainshower version and the old fashioned wide spout. I am pleased. The final steps will be putting in the white square tile for the flooring and getting the high arch faucet that matches the shower version for the sink. Slowly but surely, one room at a time.

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