Saturday, February 23, 2008

there is no more room

Student work, drying prior to a bisque firing tomorrow night.

The rest of the student work. It will be glazed Wednesday and then popped into the kiln as soon as possible. I am really looking forward to all the space in the studio again. I have exactly one month to get a bunch of new work done before classes begin again. So here I sit in my studio (open because I need to keep regular shop hours) with nothing to do. I literally do not have any space to put new work. I have dusted and re-organized my gallery shelves, I have unloaded and sorted the last bisque firing and I have set out all the new work to dry. The casseroles I threw on Thursday are still too damp to trim so I have run out of things to do. Perhaps I will catch up on my Ceramics Monthly magazines.

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