Tuesday, February 12, 2008

weekend in Edmonton

Interesting conversation at the Sugarbowl.

The Malbec was divine, all the many bottles we drank.

Checking out the exhibit.

Great conversation.

It all started with a very long and draining bus ride (is there any other kind?). Wonderful Kirsten was waiting for me and we took a cab straight to the Sugarbowl. We met friends and had a delightful time drinking our way through bottles of wine and lots of conversation. The next day was designated 'art day' and we made sure it lived up to its moniker. Latitude 53 for a very interesting sound cube installation (AGOG take note, the gallery was very sparse and NOTHING was for sale). Then off to the Alberta Craft Council showroom (INSPIRATIONAL) and then on the the temporary home of the Alberta Art Gallery where we saw three different shows and met a very interesting (although puzzling) artist who had an interactive show about WOW (world of warcraft). Then on to a yummy dinner at Hawali and then back to the house for more drinks and a lovely evening with Hayden (we stayed home and discussed him and many other things which was preferable to trekking to the venue in the -30 cold. Sunday saw brunch at the high level diner and then a visit to Allison's sweet new home. She has the greatest taste in neighborhoods, houses, furniture, and oh my goddess, the woman has great shoes! We spend the afternoon hanging out in a cafe drinking Stella and talking about politics and the state of the world, discussing how 'low to the ground' we really are (note Prada glasses and fabulous new shoes). We had a family dinner with friends and then played a few hardcore games of pictionary before we grabbed a cab home. I had a great time, we seemed to be busy a lot yet always relaxed. Really, it was the perfect weekend. Check out the photos on this shutterfly album.

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