Thursday, February 21, 2008

orchids and sunshine in the studio

I seem to have a theme these days, it involves the blue, blue sky. I am ridiculously excited for spring. New flowers and plants, getting rid of all of the dingy, dirty brown in this town. Soon, soon, soon.

The orchids love me, they especially love my studio, which they shouldn't. It is dry, dusty and alternating between too hot and too cold. However, they thrive and bloom endlessly. Lucky me.

Of course, all of their bits are beautiful, not just the blossems. I have been in my studio all day, doing the studio shuffle. This is an intricate dance that involves moving many, many pieces of work by various people in various stages (the work, although probably the people as well...) all around the studio trying to find room to continue working. My last class for this session happens Wednesday and that is glazing day. I have had a very prolific group this time round and I have a lot of stuff in my very tiny space. I (and all the pieces) survived the dance today and I still had space to put the 5 casserole dishes I made in the drying rack. I will post photos of those after I trim the lids and attach knobs.

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