Thursday, August 28, 2008

glazing, chocolate, mixed cd's and some photography

The light is beautiful today. These are waxed and waiting for me to commit to glazing. I have decided that this entire lot is to be consigned to the new glaze/decal plan. A bit daring as it could all look like crap. In my head it looks great and I suppose I could do a small test run, but that wouldn't really be like me.

I am busy trying to tie up loose ends, most of which revolve around my ancient website. I get SO many more hits and business from my blog that I wonder whether my website is even necessary. I have decided that since the blog server is cheap and I can create and maintain the site myself, I will keep it up. That being decided I now have to update it as most of the functional ware depicted is unlike anything I currently make.

My parents gave me their old digital camera when they got a new one. The new to me one is nicer than my convenient pocket digital (that I know how to use). I have been trying to find time (motivation) to take some new photos of my work. Today was the day! I set up, I photographed, it all looked great. I plugged the USB cable into the camera and the laptop...nothing. The laptop cannot read the camera. Quickly to the manual, follow instructions to the letter. Try again...nothing. Give up and use old digital camera to take some pictures before the new work is sold. So the above shot is taken with the old camera. I am trying to make the photos a little different and interesting. I think the next step is to take it all on the road and find interesting, incongruous spots to photograph work.

The highlight of my day has been eating the chocolate that a very thoughtful friend gave me as a wedding present (well, I guess us, but I needed it more). And listening to wonderful mixed CD's that my friend gave me long ago. Rock on (friends and loved ones picture my rock face and hands here). My mood has lifted.

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curiousmatthew said...

Chocolate... what chocolate?

Matthew Kinzel