Tuesday, August 26, 2008

making BAB's

Today was all about the big-ass-bowls. I have not thrown in about a month and these have been sitting on the to do list for a while. I was fine with the centering (usually a gong show with slip everywhere including my glasses) of the large lumps of clay. However, everytime I tried to pull up the wall I would instead remove large chunks of clay. It was getting really frustrating and I couldn't get the clay to stay wet. Simple solution (which came to me after about 5 tries) was to use my sponge to pull up the walls. Usually I just use my fingers, the sponge is better. The walls flew up easily.

I spent the morning running errands. A new display at Jita's Cafe and some more stock to the Gallery as things are selling well. Tomorrow is the last farmers market in the regular location and we have a special market happening up at KHMR on Sunday if anyone can make it. They have music and food, the gondola and shops are open, perhaps even Boo will out and about. My class registration is going well, only a few spots left. Now I'm off to throw more BAB's.


Patricia Griffin said...

Love the BAB acronym! How big are these babies? I could relate to your comment about having slip on your glasses. That happens to me and, by the end of the day, I'm kinda used to it and don't even bother cleaning them... When I stop at the grocery store on my way home from the studio, I find myself trying to wipe my glasses off on my (dirty) shirt in the store. People must think I'm a bag lady!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl -

I love the BABs… nice footsies! And I love your blog - your work is stunning! I just completed my first throwing class at Wildflower Arts in Cowtown and I am smitten… I think this pottery relationship is going to be a steady in my life. I look forward to checking in and catching up with your happenings and I plan to visit you in your gallery one day.


Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Patricia, they aren't that huge, about 16 inches across and 8 inches high. I am always impressed until they dry and shrink. Then I think, must make them bigger next time...

I have decided that when people see us all dirty and clay covered they are just impressed with our artistic devotion!

Heather, thanks for the kind comments and I look forward to meeting you one day. Happy potting!