Thursday, August 21, 2008

new art and new ideas

I just acquired another painting by my friend Martha Ryan. It is the first in a new series she is doing and I love it. She works on canvas with oil. This painting is hanging in my bedroom now after a bit of painting re-shuffling. I love windows, I love paintings, the two do not go well together, not enough wall space. I would guess that this painting is about 5 feet by 3 feet or so. I just lie on my bed at night and stare at it.

My time away the from studio was a good thing. I have come home renewed and excited about working on new pieces. I have spent this week organizing my studio and working on my calendar and sketchbook. I have it all planned and sketched out now and I will begin work on the winter collection on Monday. Class registration has begun and spots are filling up. Classes start the second week of September, so I will be busy.

My work has changed significantly from what I made when I started throwing 7 years ago. Apart from the regular progression from chunky, clunky pots to even-walled proportion, I have refined what I like and what I want to make. I am really feeling excited about this narrowing of perspective. I am seeing a lot of porcelain, thin, thin porcelain with colour, text and image in my future. I will post photos and maybe even update my website since what I currently make isn't represented on my site.


Heidi said...

love Marty's new painting! Very nice. You're a lucky woman. :-)

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

I know! I love it too. I wish you were going to be here tomorrow to sit around and drink beer with.