Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more bowls, animalia and a shaggy puppy

More small bowls. I am feeling the time crunch with the first Christmas faire in the middle of November. I am mostly on track, just feeling a little crowded in the studio.

I love the freedom that children have when creating. They seem to be missing all of those negative 'you can't do that' voices that we adults often have.

This is a kitty bank that one of my 7 year old students made for his little sister for Christmas. All by himself. Very cool.

My very shaggy puppy who is going for a MAJOR grooming tomorrow. I will post after photos on Thursday.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

holy carp you're good, and I'd like to hire the young person to teach me CATS!!!!! That is superb!
(ps--my kiln has been in pieces over a week, parts STILL not here....so much stuff to fire...)

Patricia Griffin said...

How clever is that cat mug?!! The handle/tail, very fun! From the mouths of babes... Great idea!

Linda Starr said...

The shape of those small bowls are so elegant looking. What fun to be surrounded by children making things in clay, I just love their innocent designs.