Thursday, October 23, 2008

still cute and lots of pots

Here is Taz after his spa day. He looks like a whole new dog...or a rat, depending on who you ask. I think he is adorable and I like that this new 'do' doesn't collect as many sticks, leaves and clumps of unmentionable ickiness. He fits through his dog door a little more smoothly as well (he is on a diet).

My studio is getting so full of work in progress that I am having a difficult time finding a place to put things. It is all about the shuffle stuff around game. This week and next I wrap up lessons with my students. They are excited about glazing and I am excited about having more space for my own work.

I have been talking to a lot of different people about the state of the world and the looming financial crisis (or in some places, the existing financial crisis). We talk about ways to cope and job security and expendable income. When things get tough and tight, people make fewer uneccesary purchases. Do any of you have any thoughts about this? How do you think we artists will fare? My business has steadily been growing and the optimist in me thinks that this will continue. Thoughts?


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Lookit all those gorgeous pots too!
Listen, I went into business as a potter full-time in 97 and these past 2 weekends are the FIRST in all that time where I have had a show not go well.
F##K!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks W!!!!!

WildMagnolia said...

Is all of that porcelain? Beautiful. I just started working with porcelain and am feeling like I am re-learning how to throw pots. It's beautiful.

Listen, times are hard. That's a fact. Don't doubt what you do. People still have the same wants and desires as before. We will find a way to make it work. Ends will meet. You are an artist.

Linda Starr said...

Taz is cute. Don't you find pets are happy after they are groomed. Sometimes they don't like it when it is happening, but then they prance around afterwards.

I see some folks purchasing less expensive or functional wares. Lots of folks are tightening their belts till we get more good news consistently especially in the housing sector.

wildmagnolia is right, folks still want art and I also have heard some people are now investing in art because other areas aren't a good bet right now - like the stock market.

cynthia said...

Awe - I can see Taz's eyes now! Cute, cute, cute.

Nice pots - I love how clay looks all pristine and unglazed.

Hmmm - economy. Here's what I think (hope): People still need to buy stuff and I hope that people will see the value in purchasing handmade items (where applicable - obviously not talking about stuff like a car, a fridge or a sofa) and locally produced items vs. buying cheap crap with who knows what is in the materials, made by underpaid workers who are being exploited by US companies in third world countries.

There's a change a comin' and I think that there will be a gradual shift of philosophies as it relates to energy, consumption, production, agriculture, finance and more.

A truer test of the global economy will probably be seen after the holidays in January when things typically slow down anyway.

I am also making less expensive items for the Colorado Potters Guild sale in November - lots of mugs and smaller items. People buying gifts still want to give their loved ones unique items (maybe even something they wouldn't buy for themselves - I know I'm always generous in the gift giving department, but scrimp on myself).

On larger ticket items, I think people are opting to repair instead of buying or are even renting longer instead of buying a home. So, maybe this is where there will be more difficulty because it means job losses and less disposable income for many.

I actually think that the financial meltdown is a good thing. Time for a correction - hopefully one for the better.

My clay classes are still making money and if I wanted to teach more, I could.

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Gary, that totally sucks. I am hoping that the Holiday sales are good this year. We shall see...

Michele, it is all stoneware actually. I am making some porcelain vases today and will post pictures tomorrow.

Linda, Taz is always happy after grooming but I think that is because he is just so happy that I came back to get him. He is a momma's boy.

Cynthia, I love the look of unglazed work. I think that is why I used to just use a matte clear glaze. Sadly, customers didn't like it as much as I did. I think I am heading back in that direction. I agree, a financial correction is good in the long run, just really crappy for all the real people that it affects now.

I am thinking hopeful thoughts for all of you on your election day. Go Obama!

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi! I'm just catching up on reading blogs and enjoyed your post and the follow-up comments. I wanted to tell you that I really think everything is going to be OK. In addition to being a talented potter, you're obviously good at managing the business and marketing side of things. Maybe, as Cynthia mentioned in her comment, more clay classes can make up the gap if sales slow down. In the meantime, I'm hoping to read about great holiday sales in your blog!

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Thanks Patricia,
I am hoping for the same.

Visit of Cathy, Jon, Grand ma and Grand Pa said...

do you ever teach classes?
Would like to learn.