Thursday, October 2, 2008

my etsy is running again

It has taken me forever and I apologize that my etsy shop has been so empty for so long. I think that if I was happier with my photography I would have a shop crammed with items. When things get busy, somethings got to give. In my case that would be screwing around with my pocket (and therefore not fabulous for this type of thing) digital camera. My photos are suffering because I do not have the proper equipment, nor the energy to devote to trying to work with what I have. What I really want is a nice sunny day at at outdoor location with real live people and my pots. I will work on that for next time...

Here are the pots that are now in the etsy shop. I do make custom orders (although most of you guys are actually potters yourselves and do not require custom made pots from others). Nonetheless, if you want a particular turn of phrase on a mug, let me know.

I would love some suggestions (can't call it criticism as that word terrifies me) about my work and the direction it is heading in. What do you like? What do you not like? I do tend to only make work that I like, but at the same time, if we all like it, even better.

I used to be a librarian and an elementary school teacher, so the background to my love of reading and nerds is pretty obvious. My husband is the sexiest nerd around (oh, and my friend Dana's husband - he is an uber nerd as well). Really, embrace a nerd today!

I have also made specific cups with bad words on them. These I don't list on Etsy and I don't have on my table at the craft faires (don't want to offend and there are children about...). Unless you are offending me with your choice of words, I will put all kinds of curse words on cups. Oh, and I put happy things on cups too.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh MAN these are luscious!!!!!!!!!

Librarian Lee said...

Hi!! What a great blog! I came over after reading the "Day in the Life" links at Derfwad." I am a librarian - how do I get one of those mugs? That's great!