Saturday, March 8, 2008

brochures and little porcelain bowls

All trimmed up and ready to go. These are the babies, the children are still too wet to be trimmed and the mommas and poppas are yet to be thrown. I am really loving the shape.

I have been busy these days taking photos of new work. All with the plan to update my website and to create a new brochure. I am not a big fan of brochures, I much prefer webpages and small postcards announcing sales and new work. These are what I usually use to announce to the world my studio news. However, I have joined the local Chamber of Commerce and I now have to have rack cards made to put in selected locations around town. These are expensive, but seem to be necessary. I also have to have brochures made to satisfy Tourism B.C. so that I can get my blue and white artisan sign for the highway. So much graphic design, so much money, so much time. I have completed the brochure and am working on the rack cards. I have not touched the website yet, but soon, so soon.

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