Tuesday, March 18, 2008

guest blogger - Risa and dinner

This here is the beginning of the macaroni bake, wich is a delicious combination of milk, brown sugr, eggs, red pepper, leek, garlic, macaroni noodles, cheese , breadcrumbs, and perhaps a few ingredients i missed. It was fun to make because there was surprisingly quite a few steps even though it looks to be so simple. Also it aws sheer joy to watch everyone eat it because on top the breadcrumbs and cheese cover anything so no one could see the vegetables!!!!

This just happens to be the best vegetarian cookbook ever!!!!! As you can see the macaroni bake is seated in the far left corner.

Now don't think the delightful pink water bottel filled with milk is just absolutely perfect?! In this picture we are at that moment making the bechamel sauce to go into the macaroni, it contains2 eggs, brown sugar, and 800 ml of milk. This sauce gives the macaroni it's creamyness.

The salad was absolutely delicious! It was a lemony mixture of, avacado, lettuce, onion, egg, tomato, thyme, and I think the only remaining ingredient was pepper. The salad was easy and quick to make but very enjoyable.

Dessert was absolutely perfect! Well how couldn't it be it was cheesecake brownies topped with whipped cream. YUM! The dessert was harder to make because we had to make the brownie mix and the cheesecake mix seperately then combine them in lawyers and use a chop stick to make pretty swirls.


Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

And it was all absolutely delicious. Only enough leftovers for Matt to take to work. Thank you Risa!

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