Saturday, March 29, 2008

calgary craziness and yes this is still supposed to be a ceramics blog

Epic trip to Calgary yesterday to accomplish many tasks. We were busy and not back home until nearly 11pm (after a 7am start) but we did get most stuff done and still had some time for a little fooling around in the Ikea display rooms...

and some syncronized cart ballet in the parking lot.

Teenagers and photos, does anything say spring more than a bright yellow patent pleather handbag?

Here are my bags of glaze material. The car was heavily loaded down with 10 boxes of clay (at 45 pounds each), these 4 bags of powder (at 50 pounds each) as well as assorted bags from the mall, Value Village, Lee Valley and a huge carpet and blue chair from Ikea. Oh, and 4 people who totally stuffed themselves with sushi on the way out of town.

Here is today's studio job. Must wax and glaze a lot of pots. Then must make 64 coffee mugs. Then must somehow dry some not quite dry enough pots to bisque tomorrow. Must get this all done and organized before I have students again on Tuesday. Must try to get it all clean and ready to go for the open house on the 12th/13th of April. Must continue to have social life while doing all this. Must not have a nervous breakdown.

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