Tuesday, March 4, 2008

porcelain jewelry

I spent most of my studio time today making jewelry. I have no students for the month so I have pulled out the frost porcelain and I am going to get as much of the handbuilding done as I can. I am hoping to be accepted into the Calgary Folk Music Festival for this July as a vendor. I have spent many wonderful weekends at the festival over the years and I think that my porcelain jewelry, the tea lights and some funky little mugs will sell really well. Now I just need to produce the ware and convince the festival that I should be a vendor. If I don't get in, I will need the ware produced for summer farmer's markets, so it will all work out.

I got another firing underway today. I put in my large teapots and I am hoping that I don't have the same issues that I had with the small teapots (glaze-filled pouring holes, glaze drips, sealed lids etc). You name it and these teapots have it.

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