Saturday, May 31, 2008

all praise the decal goddess

Friday's photo is of a very pink birthday cake made for a very pink 7 year old girl's birthday.

I love spring! One of the many, many flowering trees that dot the landscape in these parts.

Saturday morning was garage sale day (our own). Feels so good to be rid of so much junk...and to go out for a nice dinner date with all the money we made. Mmmmm sweet potatoe fries. Mmmm what a hunk to go on my date with.

The decal goddess was smiling on me yesterday. My decals arrived by courier AND accompanied by a note saying that because of the mix-up they were free! They are applied and waiting to be fired and a lovely mug is waiting to be sent to my kind decal supplier.

Another special order to be checked off the list. These are wine/tea/coffee cups, to be glazed in clear exterior, wisteria interior, red flower stamps and green dots. I had a lot of fun making these. I like the shape and I think I will start making them regularly.

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