Wednesday, May 14, 2008

miscellaneous bits and some whining

Because Dragonfly Clay Studio is small and new, it does not have a pugmill. I am the pugmill. I guess I can be happy about that because I can use as many different clay bodies as I want and cleaning the pugmill (my hands) is very simple. This was my morning job. Thankfully, I stay pretty on top of it and it has yet to become overwhelming.

studioELAN inspired me to make some new stamps, these are only partly finished. When they are leather hard, they will be carved and cleaned up, I am happy with them so far.

This is my hardworking studio stereo and the three albums that are in heavy rotation: Juno soundtrack, Feist - the reminder, and Lilly Allen. I like Lilly's potty mouth, she makes me smile.

My photo of the day. My new blown glass hummingbird feeder, just waiting for a hummingbird.

Ok, now for the whining, I am SO, SO, SO tired of rain and cloud and winter-like weather. I HATE winter, I am desperate for summer to arrive. I am sick of my jeans and sweaters, I want to wear dresses and skirts and t-shirts. I am cold ALL THE TIME! (I think this rant has been spurred on by reading a lot of fabulous blogs from people that live on the West Coast, specifically San Francisco and LA). Not that I want to live there (although San Francisco or Seattle would be ok). I just want to be in the warmth and sunshine, oh and having a bit more of a metropolis around me would be ok too. Oh, and I really want to travel. I have no money to travel. Starting your own business, specifically an art-based business means that YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!

Ok, enough bitching. Here is an amazing little art video that I found this morning on Carole Epp's blog:
I almost feel like I have travelled somewhere wonderful and arty. I LOVE the big city.

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