Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sometimes I struggle

I am trying to post each day that my studio is open. I want to do this because I want a record of what my days were like, what really goes on in a pottery studio on a daily basis. Then I second guess myself because I don't want to bore my dear reader(s) with the inane day to day. Then I am back at thinking I should post what happens, boring though it may be. Obviously I have too much time on my hands. So here is my day: Unload really hot kiln (had to wear my stepdaughters gardening gloves to do this - love that last minute, smoking hot kiln rush), get set up for a day of student glazing, glaze with students, load kiln, review calendar to ensure that all I want to be making is getting made, putz about organizing and tidying and watering plants, read a book in the sunshine, decide book is crap and get a new book, do this twice, decide to post on blog, agonize about what to post, write post while drinking chai, politely tell insurance saleswoman that I am not interested in purchasing her insurance as I am already insured and very happy thank you very much, more students, more glazing, more kiln loading.

This calendar very accurately presents my system for running a studio. Assign each task a day and do not cross off until accomplished. The first photo was on May (look at all those lovely accomplished tasks) and the above photo is my plan for June (note I am going to Rossland AND my parents are coming to visit). I am trying to have a lot of extra work prepared because I am going to be on the Coast for almost 3 weeks this August.

I don't use test tiles, these are glaze test pots. These are most of the colours that my students can choose from when they are glazing their own work.

The current bane of my existence. Yup, you have seen those before. Those are the ski hill mugs that were ordered in March and have been ready for decals since April and where are the decals???? Really, who knows. I have now sent two emails to my decal supplier and have not heard back. I may have to be getting a new decal supplier. I don't want a new decal supplier, I like the current arrangement minus the missing decals. The ski hill opens in two and a half weeks. I NEED THOSE DECALS! All positive decal energy would be appreciated.


michele d. said...

I love hearing your day-to-day activities. Not boring at all. I wish you could post more but I understand you have to work. If you want to spice things up, film yourself throwing or decorating.

Much thanks.

Mrs. G. said...

It might be time to put a hit out on the decal maker. Just let me know.

If homeland security is monitoring this blog, I'm just kidding.