Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the sun is shining and all is right with my world

The lilac trees in my backyard are blooming and they are lovely to photograph.

I have been experimenting with my pocket digital (Sony Cyber-shot). I want to take photos that look like they were taken from an old fashioned Kodak Brownie, but I want them to be digital, any ideas? I am struggling with finding an affordable source of film and developing for my little Brownie. Ideas for where to get 127 film affordably developed would also be appreciated.

I love lilacs, my house and studio are now filled with them.

A new mug shape. I am hoping this one is conducive to a lot of line drawing. The flared top seems to be preferred by customers, but I don't like the way it looks. It is too cut off and fancy looking to have a lot of detail in the glaze-work. Problems to be resolved.


michele d. said...

Those are beautiful! I bet they smell heavenly. I like the mugs too.

Jack said...

Stumbled by your blog today, lovely photos :)

You can use 35mm colour slide film in your old Brownie... I found this tutorial the other day. Haven't tried it out yet myself but it's worth a shot.

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Thank you Jack! I will watch the tutorial and give it a try.