Thursday, May 29, 2008

bowls, bowls and a hot kiln

A whole lotta bowls, big and bigger, waiting to go into the kiln. Which they need to do as soon as possible as I have run out of room in my studio.

Little bowls fresh off the wheel. I love throwing! I have plans afoot for the decoration of these which means I have to spend some time practicing with my sketch pad.

My beautiful kiln, demonstrating it's wonderful ability to retain heat. So wonderful in fact that it is taking FOREVER for it to cool down. Inside are all of the lovely student pots, glazed and finished and waiting for me to free them. Sadly, it is hovering in the 400-500 degree range and taunting me with the treasures inside.

On a plus note I think a giant thunderstorm is rolling in and I heart thunderstorms!

Oh, and thank you for all of the great decal energy. Seems they are 'in the mail' or rather with the courier service. Yay!


michele d. said...

I can't wait to see how you decorate them. They re lovely already.

Your kiln is a beauty too. Congrats!

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

I just need to say that I was using 'in the mail' metaphorically which is why I used the quotation marks. I am at heart a bit skeptical and am feeling a little cynical about the impending arrival of my decals and the excuses about why they aren't here yet.