Thursday, May 15, 2008

thank goddess the sun is shining (and my mugs are done)

A whole heck of a lot of mugs. (I said heck, my friends are probably laughing at me now). Can't give free reign to my potty mouth on my blog, friends.

Thursday's photo comes with a wee story: Once upon a time there was a very calm and understanding woman. This woman was very organized and tidy and she liked to have things be organized and tidy around her. Oh and she really liked summer and sunshine. One day this calm, understanding, tidy woman had a very, very bad day. It rained and was cold all day. She couldn't have a shower OR a bath because her shower drain was broken, so broken that it drained three showers worth of water into the downstairs before anyone noticed it was broken. So to maintain her sense of calm and peace she retreated to her studio. When she returned to her house that evening she found that her bathtub was still broken and now her dishwasher was broken as well. Did I mention that this woman has 4 children and a man living with her? Her house was a scene of chaos when she returned, dishes, shoes, backpacks, dishes, socks, clothing, tools, toolbags, dishes, miscellaneous bits of who knows what strewn all over her house. AND someone had eaten ALL OF THE COOKIES. It was still cold and rainy. The calm and understanding woman tidied the entire house, fed the animals and washed all the dishes. The calm and understanding woman stopped speaking voluntarily and went to bed, she didn't lose her temper even once. When she woke up in the morning, miracle of miracles, the sun was shining. The shower was still broken, the dishwasher was still broken, the house was still tidy but only because everyone else was still asleep. The calm and understanding woman would like you all to know that the photo above represents the return of her sanity.

Lime green chair + ice cold Stella + sunshine = loss of desire to get own apartment

Have a great weekend!

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curiousmatthew said...

Your calmness and understanding are valued by all... as is the shining of the sun.