Thursday, May 8, 2008

my day and some ideas

New pendants, with decals applied drying and waiting for their turn in the kiln.

Glaze mixing with all its associated bits and pieces. I needed more turquoise crackle, a brown that doesn't run, a matte turquoise and a new oil spot. Not my favorite job but it is a rainy day and this seemed a good time to get it done. It was actually quite relaxing.

Lovely pieces made by one of my students, the equally lovely Dahlia of Golden Lotus Ayurveda. She came to pick them up today and was well pleased and proud of her self (as she should be!).

I am volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society, running a group called "Living with Cancer". It starts in September so I am getting a head start of the planning and organizing.

I am spending a lot of time thinking about glazing and finishing work these days. I am developing a few matte glazes that I think will provide a great background for some of the new brushwork and images that I am working on. No photos for you yet, but soon.

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