Saturday, May 17, 2008

grow where you are planted

Friday's photo is of the lovely flowers that were brought home for me on Friday (wise man)...

Saturday's photo is a view of the lovely mountains and the smoking great deals we found garage sailing (step-ladder, wheel barrow, drying rack, bookcases).

Grow where you are planted. Brilliant words. I feel comfortable in saying that I have grown where I have been planted. In fact, right now I think I am thriving. The zone is not exactly to my liking, but that just makes me hardier. My studio business is doing well and I like what I am doing. The tourists have arrived.

One of the new found bonuses of having a studio attached to your home: I can garden while my shop is open. I can mow my lawn (I like my push mower) while my shop is open. My sweetie can come out and drink a beer and have a visit with me while my shop is open.

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