Monday, June 23, 2008

busy weekend

Kuljit and Trevor are married.

It was sunny and beautiful and very, very colourful.

Fancy clothing doesn't stop us from playing horseshoes.

I had a camera attached to my face for the entire day. But, because I don't use a flash, I was free to dance all night.

Playing volleyball in a sari. It is as hard as it looks.


Heidi said...

Lovely photos of the wedding Cheryl. It was so great to see you over the weekend. :-)

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

A wedding photo CD will be in the mail soon. Smooches.

michele d. said...

Beautiful colors!

Kirsten said...

Hey - I thought Risa said you just *stood there* during the volleyball game - you look like you are fully participating (sari and all.)

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

I can prove the playing with even more action shots.