Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pretty, pretty turquoise

Today was my favorite kind of day. It was a day that started with unloading a glaze firing. I am thrilled with almost everything that came out of the kiln today.

New mug shapes, colour and designs.

Crawly vines and turqoise glaze.

One of the bowls glazed in turquoise, clear and now waiting for a decal.

The icky bits from the kiln would be the four bowls that ended up cobalt blue when they should have been oil spot. How did that happen you wonder? It happened because SOMEONE was in a hurry to glaze and load a kiln and SOMEONE didn't read the labels on the glaze bucket. I have no studio assistant, so that SOMEONE was me. It is my own fault, and I HATE cobalt blue. I have hidden the offending bowls away and I will revisit them another time.

Today I also: ran a million shop errands, bank, mail, sanded pot bottoms, affixed price stickers, artfully arranged shelves, dusted, posted to my blog, took more photos, thought about how I need update my webpage, glazed some pots (carefully and slowly), packed up more student work, talked to customers, sold things, checked items in damp cupboard and revisited my production schedule for June/July/August.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Wow, that is a fantastic day! Glad someone is having them! The new mugs look great. Also saw your post on input re: "Woman as Vessel" theme. Will give that some thought...