Tuesday, June 24, 2008

honestly, i need a kick in the ass

More puttering about today. Running errands all morning and then not really get much accomplished this afternoon in the studio. I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce to pick up the new Kicking Horse Mercatile brochures. They look great, I am in them and a photo of my work is on the cover. I also grabbed some farmer's market brochures. This starts on the first Wednesday in July and we ae trying to spread the word. So if you are in Golden on a Wednesday this summer from 2-7pm, please stop by.

Someone pointed out that our wedding party is in a month and a half and that I had better get those invitations mailed out, so I spent a fair amount of time getting those ready to go.

This beautiful dragon is the work of a very special friend of mine. He is a wee bit excited about his dragon and we talk about it each time I see him. The dragon is drying VERY slowly and for a VERY long time as he is a bit thick in places and I don't want any explosions.

Tuesday's photo is of a very beautiful flowering shrub in my front garden.

A little sunshine and happiness for you.

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WildMagnolia said...

Girl, you're doing what you do and it's working wonderfully.

Michele D.