Friday, June 6, 2008

new music, old crush

A friend stopped by the studio today to drop off the new Martha Wainwright CD. If I wasn't already madly in love and getting married, I would be wooing her. She is quirky and sexy and sings like an angel. She sounds a lot like Mary Margaret O'Hara, but modern and odd.

Someone special is having a birthday and has requested chocolate eclairs instead of "boring" birthday cake. They are easy to make and very, very easy to eat.

One of 7 nordic skier mugs that were completed today. I have made my own stamp and it seems to be working well. I guess I will know better after the glazing.

The beginnings of a new series of work. Porcelain, clear glaze, simple shapes, part dipped in either oilspot or turquoise blue. The final part will be the new decals that I have been working on. Should be a few more weeks before I get this all together.

Student work, finished and heading out the door today. I will miss the company but not the cramped, work is absolutely everywhere feeling in the studio. No more regular classes now until September.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Looking forward to seeing that new porcelain work when finished. I love reading your blog! Hope you are off on an awesome mini-vacation and that you share your adventures upon your return!