Thursday, June 26, 2008

got it in gear again

I am always on the lookout for new things to impress into clay and I have been having some trouble with my letter stamps. Luckily I followed my friend into the scrapbooking shop yesterday and found myself some new letter stamps.

Then we headed to Bacchus Books and Cafe and had lunch on the patio overlooking the fast and full Kicking Horse River.

These were pulled out of the kiln last night. I LOVE them. This is my favorite new turquoise glaze. I think I need to focus on matte glazes again.

This is a new glaze, I have named it night sky. It looks richer in the sunlight which in noticeably absent today.

A closeup of the mug. Busy day today. Appointments to confirm and cancel, decals to apply and fire, more pots to glaze, bottoms to be sanded, pots to be priced and put out on the shelves. Nice to have a few customers today and an order picked up. The shop will be closed tomorrow as I am in Calgary for the day. Going to buy wedding shoes for the family.


WildMagnolia said...

That turquoise glaze is fantastic. I love the way it pools on the handles, too.

michele d.

Patricia Griffin said...

"Night sky" looks really pretty. What a successful firing!