Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am finding it a little difficult to get back in the swing of things after so much time off. I feel like I need a little holiday from my holiday. However that is not to occur now as I am holidaying a lot in August so must wait. I perused the contract for the new gift gallery for Kicking Horse Culture and packed up some of my work.

I threw some large bowls as they seem to fly out of the gallery. This is my highly technical and organized dimensions and weight chart. I just add things as I make them. I find it really handy regarding the weight to start with and indispensable when I need to make a special order to match something that has already been made.

This is all the stoneware clay I have left. It sort of just disappeared without me noticing. Good thing I am going to Calgary next week. I will focus on porcelain until then.

This is the shape of the new large bowl. It is 8 inches tall and 10 inches across. I only threw 4 as I wanted to save the rest of the stoneware for some water jugs.


michele d. said...

Nice shape. It's beautiful already.

Jerry said...

I love the idea of the chart! What a great resource to look back to. Just curious...in the first two entries shown the weight is listed as 22# / 16. Were you throwing off of a 22# hump and got 16 mugs?

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

Hi Jerry,
I don't throw off the hump very often. Usually just when I am making saki sets. Which makes me think I should be making those again. My clay comes in 22# bags, I divide the bag into 16 balls and throw each mug on a clay floor tile that fits into a wooden bat. This I learned at my apprenticeship along with the measure and weight chart. It is easy to use, just find an old book and start writing down everything you make.